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Welcome to the Hungarian Running Sport Association webpage! You will find here all information about our activity and our athletes.

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We are building the community we always wanted to be a part of! Find here those who think the same way as YOU do!


The main goal of the Hungarian Running Sports Association is to unite and support the elite athletes of Hungarian running, let it be road, track, trail or OCR. Internal or international race participation of Hungary’s best runners should not be a financial issue, this is what we aim for.


Follow our page! Liking and sharing are YOUR first steps in becoming a supporter of Hungarian running sports!


We have on board amateurs, semi-professionals and full pro runners all together. As a matter of fact, your current level is not the issue. What really matters is for you to know which level YOU would like to reach and what your personal goals are. This is the part where we can help.


For some, PB for the next half-marathon is the target, others are racing at European or world championships’ top level. All that matters is that you have your own personal goal to follow, not one prescribed by your parents or by your coach.

Be a charitable, supporting runner!

You can buy back your personal financial support by buying from our CAP  partners!

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